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工人补偿法案检讨 & 理赔管理亚博真人官方版APP

Mitchell’s full spectrum of workers’ compensation solutions and services combines industry-leading software with technology-enabled services to help provide better outcomes.

维护医疗费用表 & 法规报告合规性

米切尔帮助我们的客户管理工人赔偿法规的合规性, 包括费用表和医疗要求以及CMS和FROI/SROI报告.


Medical & 收费表遵守情况

Mitchell employs a dedicated compliance team that not only follows the workers’ compensation legislative landscape but also helps to drive and inform its policies. Our compliance experts deliver regular industry updates to our Compliance Connection website. Mitchell delivers fee schedule data and other regulatory data updates to our software as needed.



Mitchell’s regulatory reporting solutions simplify the reporting process for our clients by providing a singular connection for state reporting and by including more than 10,000强制和条件编辑. Our compliance team works directly with states on reporting requirement changes and monitors for updates.

Data Entry

Assemble, manage and submit the required information in compliance with jurisdictional regulations in our easy-to-use, 安全的门户网站.


Eliminate manual data entry by exporting FROI/SROI data from the claims management system. 以单一文件格式提交IAIABC版本的文件.


Reduce the manual work involved with EDI compliance processes by automatically exporting raw claims and letting AutoTriggers take care of the rest.

查看医疗账单 & Contain Costs

Mitchell provides flexible and customizable solutions to help our clients contain and manage workers' compensation costs.



Mitchell’s industry leading medical bill review platform can be customized to our customers’ specific workflows to help them accomplish their unique business goals. The technology, 由mitchell拥有的高度复杂的规则引擎支持, 有助于推动护理价格的一致性和准确性. Additionally, our medical bill review clients have access to Mitchell Mosaic—a proprietary approach to sourcing and stacking PPO networks—and the dedicated teams and tools necessary to design and customize their workflows and outcomes.

Mitchell offers its medical bill review platform to its clients via one of three methods: licensed software, 技术支持服务或混合模式.

speed & accuracy


Free up time for adjusters to focus on high-value tasks and complex decision making by partnering with Mitchell’s 技术支持服务. 技术支持服务团队提供端到端的业务处理 & 快速准确的专业服务,为客户创造价值. 服务包括:

  • 数据捕获服务
  • 文档管理
  • 全账单处理
  • 认证代码审查
  • 邮件收发室服务
  • 质量保证
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Our 技术支持服务 Team Also Offers Additional Services That Add an Additional Layer of Cost Containment to the Bill Review Process



Mitchell的AuditPro账单审计亚博真人官方版APP采用了独特的技术组合, 检测账单错误的数据和专业知识, and validate and correct medical codes and charges against medical records for bill review pricing. The AuditPro solution addresses a wide range of bill types including professional and facility bills.


Mitchell’s specialty bill review solution provides usual and customary pricing to help payors consistently pay a fair and reasonable price for out-of-network medical bills when fee schedule pricing does not exist.


Mitchell’s direct-to-provider negotiation services helps secure discounted rates on medical bills using a variety of strategies including prompt-pay, 数据增强和战略谈判.

Automate & 加强医疗管理项目

Help reduce the cost and time historically required for medical review on referrals and bills.

Enhance your organization’s medical management program and teams with Mitchell ReviewStat, an intuitive web-based and highly automated workflow optimization solution built to facilitate and monitor the progress of cases for utilization review, 同行评审和案例管理.

Learn how the ReviewStat medical management software can help you realize greater efficiencies and increase productivity within your utilization review and case management teams.




Mitchell ScriptAdvisor是业界最完整的PBM, 整合账单审核, clinical and claims systems for a seamless experience and increased visibility across the claim.


  • 专门的客户服务 & 药学专业知识 
  • 广泛的全国网络 
  • 综合临床项目 
  • 智能技术和预构建集成 
  • Robust reporting & analytics 
  • Regulatory & 合规专业知识


Learn About PBM

Receive Bills & 以电子方式付款



Mitchell's SmartBill solution processes electronic bills to help increase efficiency and drive savings for our clients. Mitchell understands the value of increasing eBill penetration and works directly with providers to encourage migration from paper to electronic billing.



米切尔的SmartPay亚博真人官方版APP提供端到端自动支付对账, drives efficiencies in the payment process and helps reduce material and labor costs.


用高级报告评估绩效 & Analytics


Reveal Custom & 可操作的程序洞察与强大的工具

Mitchell为我们的客户提供各种标准和临时报告, 包括但不限于:

  • SmartReports
  • ReportBuilder
  • SmartTracker性能仪表盘
  • 供应商分析报告
  • 行业比较报告
  • 供应商网络性能报告
Expert support


Mitchell offers consulting services to help clients gain a deep understanding of how their current Mitchell product features can be leveraged to meet the demands of a dynamic market.

利用我们丰富的数据库和报告功能, our Claims Performance Consulting professionals use in-depth expertise to help clients identify untapped opportunities in their claims management processing as well as reveal custom, 可操作的见解,并将其结果与行业进行比较.

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