第三方理赔管理 & 责任的亚博真人官方版APP


Enlyte's leading end-to-end third party liability solution combines powerful software with technology enabled services


像你这样的理赔专业人士寻求准确地解决第三方索赔, 一贯而有效地, 但第三方索赔处理的复杂性有时会成为阻碍. 跟上最新的技术或趋势是保持相关性的重要方法, 保持竞争力,提高效率. 然而, when carriers lose focus on the fundamentals they may create inconsistencies across their organizations and make it more challenging for adjusters to succeed.

Enlyte provides you with the building blocks to lay a solid foundation for your third party claims process. The Enlyte Third Party Solution is designed to smooth out your third party claims handling workflow, 向理算员提供他们需要的伤害和责任信息, 就在他们需要的时候,这样他们就能一直准确地解决索赔问题, 一贯而有效地. Enlyte also helps you succeed by working with you to customize your third party solution based on your own claim handling philosophies versus historical data practices. We can help you arm your adjusters—regardless of experience—with the claims software tools and information they need to make more accurate settlements on each and every claim.


Enlyte's 技术支持服务 combines our best-in-class bill review and claims technology with our expertise in claims execution. 我们的技术支持服务提供端到端的文档处理, 账单审查和专业服务,速度和准确性, 为客户的业务创造卓越价值.


  • 需求处理
  • 数据捕获
  • 文件组织与管理
  • 前端编码
  • 二级代码审查
  • 法案审查
  • 护士检查
  • 同行评审
  • 直接与供应商谈判和付款
  • 汽车供应商网络


Help reduce claims handling costs and improve consistency using the industry-leading bill review platform. Enlyte's medical bill review platform provides a comprehensive and flexible set of adjustments and fee schedules that can be tailored for liability claims. Our claims software and solutions provides clear findings to help adjusters consider and address gaps, 延误和延长治疗. These findings and adjustments are delivered within the software and associated reporting in order to maximize adjusters’ ability to effectively negotiate medical specials.


第三方汽车网络 & 供应商谈判亚博真人官方版APP

Give your adjusters the tools to improve payment consistency and savings on bills that are typically paid to providers without review for accuracy.  通过使用我们的第三方汽车网络和供应商谈判亚博真人官方版APP, carriers can free up adjusters time to focus on claim settlement while securing savings on these bills. 

Our combined solution provides access to the exclusive Coventry Auto network and our team of expert negotiators to ensure the client pays fair and accurate rates to providers on their unrepresented settlements. Using the industry's largest national directly contracted auto network and our negotiations services together helps the adjuster settle a claim accurately, 一贯而有效地.

This combined solution delivers success rates estimated at 70%+ on bills with savings of 30% off charges
  1. 无缝的工作流程 – Unique solution integrates with existing claims workflows and provides access to both the Coventry network and provider negotiations in one request.   
  2. 独家网络利益 -无余额计费,集成争议和复议支持.   
  3. 最大的直接签约汽车网络 -全国超过86万家供应商和5万家医院. 
  4. 网络合同费率 -我们的网络合同费率由自动特定的提供商合同支持. 
  5. 无与伦比的供应商谈判服务 – Proprietary technology platform and data backed by our team of experts maximizes negotiation outcomes and cost savings. 
  6. 及时结算,保证储蓄 – All bills in program are secured with a signed provider or Coventry network agreement ensuring rapid settlement and avoiding claim escalations. 
  7. 事先付款证明 -揭示和记录之前的付款,所以你只支付你所欠的. 
  8. 易用性 -与其他Enlyte第三方责任亚博真人官方版APP完全集成.


Enlyte's Third Party 需求包装处理与管理 helps claims organizations accurately, 持续有效地组织和管理第三方需求和文件. 我们支持理算员的决策过程,提供有组织的, 以易于理解的格式完全编码的文档.


受伤 & 责任评估索赔软件


Enlyte的ClaimIQ索赔软件帮助索赔组织提高准确性, 责任和伤害评估的一致性和效率. ClaimIQ建立在每个客户索赔处理理念的基础上, 基于事实的建议和最佳实践.

Enlyte's 损伤评估 capabilities allows adjusters to consistently and comprehensively document their 损伤评估s.




Equip your adjusters with a best-in-class cloud-based workspace that is integrated with all the 第三方责任亚博真人官方版APP you need. Having one place to manage these tasks makes it easier for adjusters to submit requests and manage the tasks needed on all their claims.


The 调节器门户 is a liability-claims specific application that provides adjusters an evolving picture of a claim as it develops and offers seamless integration with other solutions including demand and service referrals, 损伤评估, 报告和材料损坏数据. 客户机可以开始使用门户,而不需要任何IT或实现成本.


用高级报告评估绩效 & 分析

深入到一致性, accuracy and operational trends within the claims organization using Enlyte's third party liability reporting capabilities. Enlyte provides a full picture of claims operations through visual dashboards that highlight key trends that can be further refined to isolate metrics within a specific division, 办公室, 团队或调整员. 另外, we offer an industry comparison report that takes performance reporting a step further to help analyze costs versus the industry, 甚至深入到特定的地点, 伤害类型和利用趋势.


Enlyte offers consulting services to help clients gain a deep understanding of how their current Enlyte product features can be leveraged to meet the demands of a dynamic market. 利用我们丰富的数据库和报告功能, our 理赔表现咨询 professionals use in-depth expertise to help clients identify untapped opportunities in their claims management processing as well as reveal custom, 可操作的见解,并将其结果与行业进行比较.



处理第三方伤害索赔的最重要组成部分是什么? Enlyte has helped more than half of the top 20 auto carriers build successful and consistent third party claim programs. 基于这些经验, 我们汇集了顶级资源,这些资源对于一致的第三方索赔处理至关重要.



Combine industry-leading technology with deep market expertise to achieve exceptional claim outcomes. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our comprehensive suite of integrated casualty services and solutions.